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Based in Boulder, CO, this 4-piece rock band will rip your shirts and bras off with their shredding guitar solos and unravel your sense of space and time.  Founded in 1985, after escaping a kidnapping by a large sasquatch, the young rockstars decided to travel through time and come light up the 21st century.  While you may wake up with crimped hair, a sore neck, and no recollection of the last 12 hours, The Goonies never... ever.... say Hangover.

The Band



Ashley, is like a honey badger. Dangerous by day, but even more dangerous by night. This spastic cherry bomb is either robbing banks overseas or jumping her dirtbike over rows of flaming school busses. Once she bit the head off a rattlesnake to  feed the starving band. Her vocal teachers include Buddhist monks and Axl Rose.



Tricky Bobby jumped into the Delorean in 1984, avoiding the kidnapping by the large Sasquatch and only recently reunited with his bandmates.  The timing was uncanny as The Goonies' two guitar players had just been deemed debilitated via mysterious gardening accidents.  At least, that's what we heard.. While he does lift metal for fun, he also has a mini but hefty weight set for his fingers.  It's been said that his index finger would be considered a deadly weapon if used in an altercation.  Made of steel and barbed wire, he is still a peaceful unicorn and a non-violent communicator.

Atlas Doesn't Shrug


Atlas knows, he always knows.  He's been examined and studied for his psychic abilities since he was an infant as he began moving objects with his mind as soon as he turned 6 months.  He actually doesn't need his hands to play the bass, but recently he stopped enjoying terrifying people so he acts like a mere mortal and pretends he needs to hold strings down with fingers. 



Goose may have died physically in that F-14 Tomcat back in 1986 but his Spirit never did.  Few knew that while he was an incredible fighter pilot and a pretty good singer, his true destiny was always hitting things with sticks.  He exists simultaneously in several different dimensions and has unintentionally inspired several religions many of which claim that if you look at him for more than 5 seconds, you can levitate.  Come see for yourself.  Goose rocks!




Tragically, our first drummer Chris Oshman-ly spontaneously combusted during a drum solo.  All that remained was the smell of burnt hair and wet fart. 


About 10 years later, Air Rick and Naterator simultaneously had mysterious gardening accidents and lost the use of most of their fingers, except, of course, their middle fingers which they still use quite often.

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